Friday, March 12, 2010

Couture Nerd handbag [Giveaway]

Couture Nerd is a great website that blogs about everything from fashion to fitness. One of the great things it has to offer are the amazing giveaways. This website is filled with over 20 cool giveaways. One giveaway that is going on right now is an Authentic Marc Jacobs Leather Bag. This handbag is completely gorgeous and in great condition. Marc Jacobs bags are beyond amazing and a lot of people love them. This one bag is definitely something I'd love to have and most likely something everyone would want. Well right now is definitely your chance to win it. [Giveaway] Authentic Marc Jacobs Leather Bag Giveaway I suggest entering into this awesome giveaway for a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. This giveaway will end once Couture Nerd reaches 3000 followers on twitter, Couture Nerd twitter. The good thing about their giveaways are the fact that there are so many ways to enter, giving you multiple entries. The readers of this blog are so lucky, not only do we get good inside scoop and information, we get these giveaways that go beyond someone being kind or nice. This handbag giveaway is just the tip of the iceberg, go enter I promise you will not regret it.

New blog

Well I suppose it's time I start a blog, not sure what I'll write about but this should be fun :)